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     Q. What kind of system are you using to DJ our event? 

    A. ​We use Bose equipment, that includes the powerful Bose accoustimass bass system. 

  Q. Is lighting included? 

     A. Yes, lighting is always included. We have color lights, lasers and strobes. 

Q. Do music videos cost extra? 

A. The projection system is always included. Keep in mind that outdoor day time parties does make it a bit difficult but we do have a proper monitor for viewing the videos at our table as well. 


Q. What forms of payment do you accept? 

A. Cash, credit, PayPal and check are acceptable forms of payment. 


Q. Do I need to put a deposit down when booking the event? 

A. Yes, $100 deposit for all events. 

Q. How far in advance do I need to send the company a request list for my event? 

A. Two weeks prior. Sweet 16's, Bat/Bar Mitzvah's or Weddings with specific entrances, candle lightings or dances we require up to 2.5-3 weeks in advance. 

Q. What are the areas of New Jersey do you play in? 

A. Mostly Ocean and Monmouth county. 

Q. What venues do you mainly work at? 

A. We work frequently at the River Queen cruise boats. But we work everywhere! We definitely recommend checking out the boats for all events. You can check out these boats under our "Vendors/Venues page located underneath "Booking"

Q. Do you have any photographers you could recommend? 

A. Yes, please refer to our "Vendors/Venues" page which can be found under "Booking"

     Q. Are you affiliated with 94.3 The Point Radio Station?

     A. No,   We formed the Point DJ Entertainment in 1989 based on the 1971 cartoon "The Point".   WJLK 94.3 was known as known as Soft Rock WJLK and became 94.3 The Point in May of 1997.


Q. Why not just use the house system and Spotify?

A: If you are thinking you can just replace the DJ with Spotify while I understand the thought it is not a great idea But I get it. Most DJS are just playing what you want to hear anyway.  Usually, you are paying for the sound system as well and perhaps lighting But it’s your list. Some DJs are party motivators and that is a good thing at most parties.   As Music Video Artists we are not replaceable by Spotify because we bring all that visible aspect to the party.   We are not just a radio a Juke Box or an iTunes list.  We are more like your home theater with great Visuals and a great sound system!

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