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"We are the Sights and sounds of Life's Great Moments!"

     A veteran and woman owned business

The Point DJ Entertainment is team of local artists, specializing in a personalized entertainment experience that thrives on creativity and the power of L O V E. Produced by veteran DJ Paul Powell, our reputation is affirmed Since 1989 by hundreds of satisfied wedding couples and clients of various other types of parties. Combining our devotion for energized entertainment that will bring your personalized soundtrack to life!


     Who doesn't love a good party? Those moments when everyone is dancing, singing along and having the time of their lives, those are the best. As a video music artist, We create those moments that become legendary to you and your guests. ​

Why just hear the Artist when you can see them too!  We experience 90 percent of all we learn and enjoy visually and 5 percent by sound!   Why not get 95% of the entertainment value at your Affaire?   Music videos are fun and launched a generation of fans from the MTV days onward.   With our Projectors and Monitors, we bring it all to you and your guests!    Everything from Sinatra to Swift and everything in between and beyond.

1800 764 6888

1800 POINT- 88 

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