Simple, We play what You want to hear!!!!   You
send us a list, we get it, we play it!  When you and
your guests arrive we are Wifi connected through
Both AT&T and Verizon so that we take and play all
requests!  We Use BOSE equipment and that
includes the powerful BOSE Accoustimass Bass
System.  We include lighting for free!  (Strobes,
Moonflowers, etc) We have both Projection and
Monitors for the Music Videos we play!  Music
Videos from todays Hottest Artists, so every 3 to 5
songs we play a video version to enhance the
dance floor!   
  1. We  do not do the give aways or the toys we recommend
    you go to www.RINovelty.com or one of the many other sites
    to get what you want rather than us charging you for what
    you don't want.
  2. We have smoke machines if your facility allows it.
  3. We do not use dancers or other Silly BarMitzvah style
    entertainment - We do NYC Club Style DJ'ing.
There are 2 styles of Sweet 16's  "Wedding Style"  with more
Family then friends and "Club Style"  All friends and a few Adults to
supervise.   Although we do Both styles, we recommend "CLUB"
Style as it is the party that will be spoken about by all your jealous
friends for years.....