“We are the Sound Track to Life’s Great Moments!”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering us for your
affair. We founded this company based on some pretty simple ideas. Our
DJ's must really love music and become knowledgeable in all its forms.
I believe “Real” DJ's are artists that blend art with technology.
Our DJ systems must be upgraded to reflect the constant change in a fast
Paced technology based industry. I tell our DJs to have fun! The day this
becomes just a job should be the last day a DJ works. The most Important
key to success though is pleasing the customer!!!
I've stated this before in some of our literature and I find it to be the center of
the Point's Universe "Our client's become and remain our friend's. Our
"Personal Referral" rate constitutes 90% of our business. This ability to "Be
Real" is what I feel makes us stand out. We took forward to fulfilling your
musical dreams.

Thank you for making us your choice in entertainment!

                                           -The Management

We Love doing
Fun Weddings and Parties and let the Music be the Driving
Force.  We do not do the "Used Car Salesmen" Style of DJ'ing. We are not
on the floor every minute Dragging you out to Dance or do Silly Games.  We
Do Not announce every Song!  We let the Music Do it's Job.
Included in our Package is
2 Dj's
Bose Sound Systems
Wifi enabled everywhere!
Music Video's from today's hottest Artists and some from the Past.
Lighting Included Free!